1º semestre inglês

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1º semestre inglês por Mind Map: 1º semestre inglês

1. pronouns

2. simple past

3. simple present

4. modal verbs

5. present continuos

6. talk about you habits

7. your routine

8. facts

9. auxiliary verbs Do and Does

10. during a period of time

11. to describe a action happening right now

12. the object pronus generally comes after the verbs

13. Express: ability(can),inability(can`t) obligation(must or have to),adivice(should),possibility(may or might), Permission(may,can or could)

14. personal pronoun generally comes before the verbs

15. its used for actions thats happened in a specific time

16. Did and Didn't

17. The simple past talks about actions that have already ended

18. Regular verbs: At the end of the verb you must add “ED” to form the simple past. Eg: Work – Worked Dance – Danced l

19. The Irregular verbs don’t follow any particular rule, therefore it is important to memorize them. Eg: Go – Went Speak – Spoke Read – Read

20. Subject + verb + complement

21. The negative and interrogative forms.The negative and interrogative forms.

22. For the third person of singular: HE, She and IT. Verbs: To study, To go, To like, To sing, to rain

23. Expressing expectation:You can also express expectation. For that we use: supposed to.