Multiple intelligences

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Multiple intelligences por Mind Map: Multiple intelligences

1. Naturalist intelligence

1.1. has ease in dealing with animals;

1.2. has a taste for nature;

1.3. has interest and ability to understand natural phenomena such as rain, wind, snow, etc.

2. Intrapersonal intelligence

2.1. ease of troubleshooting;

2.2. self knowledge;

2.3. self-management of emotions;

3. Spatial intelligence

3.1. the ability to recognize an object, even when viewed from different angles.

3.2. the skill to imagine the internal movement between the parts of a configuration.

3.3. the ability to think about spatial relationships.

4. Bodily-kinesthetic

4.1. has manual skills and an interest in building things;

4.2. has good body language;

4.3. has good timing for physical activities and tasks.

5. Linguistic intelligence

5.1. like to read

5.2. is easy to learn languages;

5.3. are drawn to crossword puzzles and other similar games.