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Reliability por Mind Map: Reliability

1. Alternate Forms or Equivalence

1.1. If there are two forms that are equivalent to one another both can be given to students. If both scores are comparable the test is reliable.

1.1.1. Task 1

1.1.2. Task 2

1.2. This is important because a teacher can see if he or she has created or is using a reliable test.

1.2.1. Call 1

1.2.2. Call 2

2. Test-Retest or Stability

2.1. Give a test twice to the same group of students. Then you can correlate the between the first and second test.

2.1.1. Task 1

2.1.2. Task 2

2.2. This helps teacher see if the test is a reliable test that should be given to students.

3. Internal Consistency

3.1. There are two types and should be sued when measuring a single trait

3.1.1. Slpit half method is taking a test and dividing it into two, odd number on one page and even numbers on another. both test are given at the same time. This is important because it helps a teacher understand if the questions are reliable This process tends to quicker then the others

3.1.2. Kuder-Rcihardson determines the extent of measuring a single, fairly consistent measure of a concept. This type of reliability has a mathematical approach