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1. (Benefits Promised)

1.1. 2014 version

1.1.1. A feeling of safety and peace of mind while working

1.1.2. Full focus and engagement in what you're doing

1.1.3. Feeling inspired and excited, looking forward to "work"

1.1.4. Less self-criticism for not getting enough done

1.1.5. Help recognizing and overcoming mental blocks

1.1.6. Valuing your own time, more quality time

1.1.7. Improved ability to play/rest, separate those from work

1.1.8. Support in committing to less

1.1.9. High level of self-trust that you can keep commitments

1.1.10. An empty inbox and more enjoyment of email


2.1. MindMeister

2.1.1. I have researched alternatives and decided what to recommend rubric MUST HAVE NICE TO HAVE PLEASE DON'T candidates MINDMAP AYOA



4.1. "It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein

5. Jonathan/Martje feedback

5.1. online course

5.1.1. current habits what are you doing now looking at that without shame one week procrastination is actually a habit needs & feelings inner demons

5.1.2. building foundational skills could spend a week just on focus

5.1.3. priorities

5.1.4. specific projects

5.2. habits get created from needs

5.2.1. can't work alone — coffee shop

6. (Our Philosophy)

6.1. Show don't tell


7.1. Accountability

7.2. Actions

7.3. Breakdowns

7.4. Commitments vs Possibilities

7.5. Focus

7.6. Promises

7.7. Inboxes

7.8. Integrity

7.9. Maintenance

7.10. Morning Routine

7.11. Motivation

7.11.1. Different sources I enjoy working as a quasi-spiritual practice I like the actual content of the work Strong need for money, etc.

7.12. Planning

7.13. Play

7.13.1. It's the linchpin First and last (Like CG Agreement #4)

7.13.2. Eight Play Personalities 2 The Joker 30 The Kinesthete 15 The Explorer 25 The Competitor 5 The Director 3 The Collector 10 The Artist/Creator 10 The Storyteller

7.14. Pomodoros

7.15. Prioritizing

7.16. Procrastination

7.17. Rest

7.18. Rhythm

7.19. The Email Game

7.20. Tools

7.21. Weekly Review


7.22.1. Resilience

7.22.2. Work Environment

7.22.3. Trusted System


8. (2014 STUFF)

8.1. Resources

8.1.1. Videos WEEK ONE Europe Group Video WEEK TWO Europe Group Video WEEK THREE Europe Group Video WEEK FOUR Europe Group Video

8.1.2. Recommended Reading

8.2. Challenges

8.2.1. Week One Complete 20 Actions Complete at least 3 Play Actions BONUS Set up Mindmeister

8.2.2. Week Two Complete (at least) one 411 Challenge Write proper notes for your next 20 Actions Get to Inbox Zero BONUS Read through other people's Actions and comment.

8.2.3. Week Three Make at least 3 iCommits with 'bywhen' before our next meeting Use Tanou, Jaime or Mihai as customers Feel free to make any additional iCommits to Bugs Bunny (practice iCommits) Participate in one Actions Party BONUS Create and fill up a MAINTENANCE top-level branch

8.2.4. Week Four Experience a 16-Action day Have a weekly planning Action next Monday

8.2.5. Week Five Experience a 100-Action day If this is impossible for you because of your schedule, find a lower number that still feels like a stretch Create your own personal challenge As a way to transition away from this program. You will need to

8.3. Handouts

8.3.1. Week One Program Overview What you get Content Curriculum Actions Resistance to Actions Defining an Action Make it a GAME Make it SOCIAL Planning Capture Integrity Calendars

8.3.2. Week Two Actions Dealing with Resistance Different Action Types Review and Break Times Planning The 411 Challenge Integrity Email

8.3.3. Week Three Actions Intensity Levels Action Parties Planning Daily Planning: Maintenance, Play/Rest, Review Integrity iCommits

8.3.4. Week Four Planning Weekly Planning Integrity iCommit

8.3.5. Week Five Planning Weekly Planning Capacity Game Integrity Meeting Actions