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Vertebrates por Mind Map: Vertebrates

1. Mammals

1.1. have hair or fur

1.2. give birth to live young

1.3. have lungs and need air to breath

1.4. warm blooded

2. Birds

2.1. have feathers and wings

2.2. lay eggs

2.3. have two legs

2.4. have ear holes instead of ears

2.5. warm blooded

3. Fish

3.1. breathe under water using gills not lungs

3.2. live in water

3.3. have scales and fins

3.4. cold blooded

3.5. lay many eggs

4. Amphibians

4.1. live on land and in water

4.2. have webbed feet

4.3. breathe with lungs and gills

4.4. moist skin

4.5. four legs

4.6. lay many eggs

5. Reptiles

5.1. have scales

5.2. have dry skin

5.3. usually lay eggs, sometimes live young

5.4. ear holes instead of ears

5.5. four legs or no legs

5.6. cold blooded

6. Can you classify vertebrates into these groups? LS.2.4.1