Concept: Multiplying and Dividing Decimal

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Concept: Multiplying and Dividing Decimal por Mind Map: Concept: Multiplying and Dividing Decimal

1. How are the patterns in th number system and powers of ten useful in mutiplying and dividing decimals?

1.1. Review KWL on Adding and Subtracting decimals Make a prediction in note book.

1.1.1. Learnzillion access code: LZ 2471 & LZ 2583 Take Notes Make a Claim and provide Evidence in your note book. What's the Big IDEA? Class discussion using google classroom.

2. How can I use my knowledge of place value and the relationship between multiplication and division to multiply and divide decimals?

2.1. Discover Education Return of the Hen Video Math Mansion

2.1.1. Explain what happens with the decimal with a partner. Brain storm a song with your group to explain the importance of place value when multiplying or dividing with decimals. Create a story problem and solve it using the powers of ten when multiplying or dividing decimals.