Learning goals

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Learning goals por Mind Map: Learning goals

1. Work and life Else

1.1. Multi cultural society

1.1.1. Pupils know what ethnicities were in the roman empire

1.1.2. Pupils can talk about what these ethnicities brought to Rome

1.1.3. Pupils can make a comparison

1.1.4. Pupils can write a short description

1.2. Daily life

1.2.1. Pupils know the role/social class of men, women children and slaves.

1.2.2. Pupils know what a Roman person would do during the day.

1.2.3. Pupils can use the past simple

1.2.4. Pupils can answer questions about a YouTube clip

1.3. trade

1.3.1. Pupils know how slave trading went

1.3.2. Pupils know what items were traded with what country

1.3.3. Pupils know at least 8 new words

1.3.4. Pupils can present for one minute

1.4. Rise of coins

1.4.1. Pupils know why coins came into existence

1.4.2. Pupils know what coins looked like and how they were created.

1.4.3. Pupils know at least 8 new words

1.4.4. Pupils can write a short story

2. Religion Melad

2.1. Jews

2.1.1. Pupils know what Judaism is

2.1.2. Pupils can name three jewish symbols/signs

2.1.3. The pupils can apply the plural

2.2. Rise of christianity

2.2.1. Pupils know who brought Christianity to Greece and Rome

2.2.2. Pupils know how the influence of christianity changed the society.

2.2.3. Pupils know the contrast between Jews and Romans

2.3. Greek Gods

2.3.1. Pupils understand the purpose of gods

2.3.2. They know at least three gods and their characteristics

2.3.3. Each pupils has learned 10 new words

2.4. Roman gods

2.4.1. Pupils understand the purpose of gods

2.4.2. Pupils can describe the difference between Greek and Roman gods.

2.4.3. Pupils know 10 new words

3. Development from city to metropolitan Livna

3.1. Ceasar

3.1.1. Pupils know who Caesar was

3.1.2. Pupils know why Caesar was important

3.1.3. Pupils can introduce themselves

3.1.4. Pupils can use a/an correctly

3.2. Roman Army

3.2.1. Pupils know what a roman soldier looks like

3.2.2. Pupils know what life was like in a roman army

3.2.3. Pupils can describe what people are wearing

3.2.4. Pupils can use the present simple correctly

3.3. Roman Empire

3.3.1. Pupils know what the Roman Empire was

3.3.2. Pupils know where in Europe the Romans ruled

3.3.3. Pupils can write a letter

3.3.4. Pupils know at least 5 new words

3.4. City development

3.4.1. Pupils know what a Roman city looked like

3.4.2. Pupils know who protected Roman cities

3.4.3. Pupils know who ruled Roman people

3.4.4. Pupils can write a folder and postcard

3.4.5. Pupils can ask directions

4. Introduction lesson - The Legend of Rome

4.1. Pupils know the legend of Rome

4.2. Pupils know the planning for the coming weeks

4.3. Pupils know what to expect during the lesson series

4.4. Pupils are able to act out a scene.

4.5. Pupils can understand a video clip and answer questions about it.

5. Final lesson - The Fall of the Roman Empire

5.1. Pupils know what happened before the fall of the Empire

5.2. Pupils know why the Roman Empire fell.

5.3. Pupils can make sentences in the future.

5.4. Pupils can write a short message about a topic they know.

5.5. Pupils can act create and film a news item.