Blacktown Scouts

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Blacktown Scouts por Mind Map: Blacktown Scouts

1. ToDos

1.1. Design

1.2. Review current template

1.2.1. Header background Increase interest Animated topics Paralax Video Gradient Bon Apettit template

1.2.2. Main menu Increase visibility

1.2.3. About us button Increase contrast

1.2.4. Sections Increase contrast

1.2.5. Sections' titles styles Bring suggestions

1.2.6. Color Palette Bring suggestions

1.2.7. Typography Bring suggestions

1.2.8. Spacings Fix leadings and gutters

1.2.9. Categories' icons Should be animated

1.2.10. Pixelated images

1.2.11. New content Timelines Passo a passos Shout template Estatísticas Gráficos 74 template Pessoas/Testemunhos

1.2.12. Current content What's on Make clickable and animate Activities Make clickable and animate Events & News Improve display Broken publication dates Contact us Display form in footer Be prepared Improve visibility Social media Broken links for FB & TW Add Flickr widget

1.3. Integrate New Gallery

1.3.1. Options

1.4. Integrate New template

1.4.1. Options Ceeve Flat style Halcyon Days Pixma Star Night Walk Ride Zerif 74 Armada Bon Apettit Mountain Slider Shout

2. Documents

2.1. Existing Scouts websites

2.1.1. Groups

2.1.2. Regions

2.2. Intranet wireframes

2.3. Sitemap

2.3.1. About us

2.3.2. Categories

2.3.3. What's on

2.3.4. Activities

2.3.5. Gallery

2.3.6. Calendar

2.3.7. Latest news

2.3.8. Contact us

2.3.9. Footer/Colophon