"The Bad Little Bears Get a Bath"

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"The Bad Little Bears Get a Bath" por Mind Map: "The Bad Little Bears Get a Bath"

1. Bartlette Bear

1.1. The oldest bear

1.2. Confident

1.3. Decided he needed to check the temperature of the water for his Momma...because he's the biggest

1.4. Took the blame for getting in the tub because he was the oldest

2. Bennington Bear

2.1. The second oldest bear

2.2. Has the most fur

2.3. Thought he should also check the water because he was the furriest

2.4. Took the blame for being in the bathrub because he was the furriest with the wettest

3. ButterCup Bear

3.1. The baby bear

3.2. Cutest Bear

3.3. Wanted to check the water because she had all the toys

3.4. Took the blame because she brought the toys to the bath tub.

4. Momma Bear

4.1. Very trusting of her bears

4.2. Ran bath water for herself to take a bath

4.3. Went to pick berries and nuts while water was running

4.4. Found the baby bears in the bath tub

4.5. Told the bears that she was happy that they were clean bears

4.6. Told the bears not to eat the berries and nuts while she was in the bath tub.