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September brings yet another super cool feature you have been waiting for (hint: it’s like pictures, but they move), as well as some great new step-by-step guides and a special discount that will make every mind mapper’s heart beat a little faster.

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NEW: Add Videos to Your Mind Maps

Vines, webinars, tutorial or music videos: Finally you can add all of them to your topics and play them right inside your mind map! Videos can be added directly from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. This feature is particularly great for presentations, as videos can even be played when you’re in presentation mode. Go to MindMeister and try it out now!

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Planning Projects With MindMeister

In this guide you will learn how to utilize MindMeister for some of the most important steps in project planning: Conducting a brainstorming to capture ideas and presenting them to the decision makers; performing a benefit-cost analysis, outlining a project plan and creating a project stakeholders list. Includes many sample maps and templates you can clone!

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How I Got Through University With MindMeister

In this article English major Andy explains how MindMeister has helped her make it to her final semester without going crazy with work. “Before an exam, I revise the material like everybody else. But unlike most of my colleagues I don’t have 3 books, 2 scripts, 60 pages of scattered study notes and the teacher’s PowerPoint slides to go through. All I have are my maps.”

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#BPUN Berlin: Special Discount

Don’t miss the event of the season, when the who-is-who of the mind mapping world meets in the pulsating city of Berlin on 16th October! Our very own Raphaela Brandner will also be there and talk about MindMeister’s exciting plans for the future. Use our special discount code to sign up now and save 15 €: MEISTERBER

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