Project Context

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Project Context создатель Mind Map: Project Context

1. 1st and 2nd year units 1-1.1

1.1. I achieved my first year of FRA with a Merit, I am happy with what I achieved and my level of work but am still slightly disappointed that I did not manage to get a distinction. Im looking at finishing the end of year two with a distinction but would still be very happy with a merit.

1.2. I would say that my strengths include, keeping up to date with all my work, using primary and secondary information to support my work.

1.2.1. My weakness I would say is attention to detail in my work such as spelling and punctuation.

1.2.2. I used the use of primary and secondary information to back up my knowledge. I got a lot of my information from using surveys, and the internet

1.2.3. The skills I used during the units where, time management, attention to detail.

2. What do I know - I've learnt a lot of things during my time at the FRA. With my expirence it has allowed me to look wider into what I want to do in the future. I have decided not to apply for uni and that now after college I either want to look for interns or start a full time job within the fashion industry. I will be looking further into jobs and internships within buying,merchanding and marketing. I now have much stronger knowledge on the fashion industry and how it works as well as working on projects along side, this has came from working in retail and also doing my 3 internships while studying at the FRA.

3. What has influenced my choice of pathway

3.1. At the end of my first year project I chucked myself in the deep end and decided to go for buying as one of my main pathways. I am so glad I chose to do this, at the start I was so worried as I spoke to the teachers about how I am not great at maths. But in the end I was so happy with my finished project and had created a whole range plan and lead time plan.

3.1.1. Through doing my internships at M&S, Marks and Spencer's and Burberry it has helped me a lot and thinking about what I want to do in the future, it has defiantly made me realise my favourite things are buying, merchandising and marketing. Going forward I have noticed I just need to throw myself in the deep end as much as I can to explore new parts of the industry.

4. My concept is to create a swimwear brand that offers a range of stylish swimwear suitable for bigger busted women. Being a bigger busted women myself I find it very hard to find swimwear that fits. So for this reason I feel very passionate about this and creating a range for people that is still stylish.

4.1. One thing I find is within the fashion industry, if you have bigger boobs swimwear is not stylish!? Just because people have bigger boobs does not mean we can't be stylish.

5. Choice of pathway

5.1. Buying

5.2. Marketing/PR?

5.2.1. Styling