Levels of organization for Life

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Levels of organization for Life создатель Mind Map: Levels of organization for Life

1. Organism

1.1. composed of multiple organ sytems

1.2. Every living thing

1.3. some examples are protists, bacteria, and archaea.

2. Organsystem

2.1. group of organs

2.2. carries functions such as the respiratory system

2.3. There are 11 major organ systems in the human body

3. Organs

3.1. composed of tissues

3.2. there are 5 major organs in the human body

3.3. some organs are hollow

4. Tissues

4.1. group of similar cells

4.2. they complete an organ

4.3. controls blood circulation

5. Cells

5.1. made up of organelles

5.2. all cells come from preexisting cells

5.3. They are in every living thing

6. Organelles

6.1. bonded macromolecules

6.2. discrete structures that are within the cell

6.3. most are surrounded by internal membranes

7. Macromolecules

7.1. More than one bonded molecule

7.2. example of a macromolecule is protein

7.3. Created by polymerization

8. Molecule

8.1. Happens when more than one element bonds together

8.2. Organic compounds are compounds that contain carbon.

8.3. molecules can have different shapes

9. Atom

9.1. Smallest unit of matter

9.2. center of an atom is a nucleus

9.3. MAde up of subatomic particles