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EXPLORER создатель Mind Map: EXPLORER

1. Roald Amundsen (16/07/1872 - 06/1928)

1.1. Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer of polar regions.

1.2. He was a key figure of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

1.3. The first person to reach the South Pole and the North Pole.

1.4. Between 1910 and 1912, he led the first successful Antartic expedition.

1.5. On 12 May 1926, Amundsen and 15 other men in the airship Norge became the first explorers verified to have reached the North Pole

1.6. Amundsen disappeared in June 1928 while flying on a rescue mission for the airship Italia in the Arctic.

1.7. The search for his remains, which have not been found, was called off in September of that year.

1.8. To successfully reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911.

1.9. In 1918 to reach the North Pole by traversing the Northeast Passage on the ship Maud

2. Neil Armstrong (5/8/1930 – 25/8/2012)

2.1. He e was an American astronaut. He made his first spaceflight as command pilot of Gemini 8 in March 1966, becoming NASA's first civilian astronaut to fly in space.

2.2. And an aeronautical engineer.

2.3. The first person to walk on the Moon. On July 20, 1969, Armstrong and Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) pilot Buzz Aldrin became the first people to land on the Moon

2.4. He was also a naval aviator, test pilot, and university professor.

3. Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin ( 1934 –1968 )

3.1. A Soviet pilot and cosmonaut.

3.2. Yuri Alekseievich Gagarin was born on March 9, 1934 in the village of Klushino, Gzhatsk District, Smolensk Oblast, USSR

3.3. The first person in human history to make a space flight, April 12, 1961 aboard the spacecraft Orient 1 (Vostok 1)

3.4. A Soviet pilot and cosmonaut.

3.5. 1960 – inducted into the team of cosmonaut.

3.6. 1961 – completes the world's first manned flight into space

3.7. The day Gagarin flew into space is known as Space Day in Russia.

4. Vasco da Gama 1460 - 1524

4.1. On 8 July 1497 Vasco da Gama's fleet of four ships left the port of Lisbon

4.2. Round the Cape of Good Hope

4.3. On December 16, 1497, the fleet crossed the White River (South Africa) where Dias had returned, and they continued to enter unknown waters to the Europeans.

4.4. Vasco da Gama arrived in Calicut on May 20, 1498

4.5. On 12 February 1502, da Gama once again departed with a fleet of 20 ships

4.6. Vasco da Gama was sent to India for the third time in 1524 to solve the problems of the Portuguese there

4.7. He contracted malaria not long after arriving in Goa and died in Cochin on Christmas Eve 1524.