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Class Curriculum создатель Mind Map: Class Curriculum

1. 1st Semester

1.1. Topics

1.2. Goals

1.3. Exams

1.3.1. First exam

1.3.2. Second exam

1.3.3. Third exam

1.4. Materials

1.4.1. Multimedia

1.4.2. Books

1.4.3. Work sheets

1.5. Excursions

1.6. Projects

2. 2nd Semester

2.1. Topics

2.2. Goals

2.3. Exams

2.3.1. First exam

2.3.2. Second exam

2.3.3. Third exam

2.4. Materials

2.4.1. Multimedia

2.4.2. Books

2.4.3. Work sheets

2.5. Excursions

2.6. Projects

3. Description

3.1. Use this map as a one year overview of your subject's curriculum.

3.2. Note the topics you want to cover and the educational goals of each semester

3.3. Add exam dates and materials

3.4. Add dates and links to excursions and projects you are planning

3.5. You can share this map with your students to provide them with an overview of the class

3.6. Link the topic overview with a second mind map, where you give a more detailed outline of the contents. You can then turn that map into a presentation to visually aid your lectures