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Treatstock создатель Mind Map: Treatstock

1. Promotion

1.1. Action

1.1.1. contest timeline 1 месяц 3 месяца полгода год

1.1.2. commercial бюджеты зависят от вида акций

1.1.3. Activity Ideas Realisation Promotion

1.2. content

1.2.1. Facebook Contest Information about site Direct messages fb group fb public

1.2.2. Youtube Podcasts list of podcasts community bloggers video links to contests at anothers SN

1.2.3. Periscope geolocation trouble

1.2.4. Instagram Tumblr likes comments share Pinterest likes comments share Likes Share Comments repost Bloggers SFS Contests

1.2.5. Snapchat

1.3. newsbreak

1.3.1. DIGG

1.3.2. Reddit posts

1.3.3. StumbleUpon

1.4. PR

1.4.1. Press

1.5. Blogs

1.5.1. list of blogers

1.5.2. community

2. Production

2.1. b2c

2.1.1. Clients Placement Social media Techcrunch reddit Valuation gifts original things decor geeks Communication parents friendly fun Audience Age Interest

2.2. b2b

2.2.1. Designers Placement behance thingiverse traceparts grabcad Valuation nice job money visualisation portfolio new capabilities community Communication parents fun friendly fun

2.2.2. Printservices Placement 3dhubs Valuation money community faq Communication parents friendly fun

3. Automotisation

3.1. Onlypult


3.3. social breaker

3.4. SN timers

3.5. hootsuite

3.6. grum

3.7. Klout

3.8. Buffer

3.9. Social mention