How did you attract/address your audience?

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How did you attract/address your audience? создатель Mind Map: How did you attract/address your audience?


1.1. Colours used are able to attract both genders: blues/greens and pinks/purples. The genre of dance music is attractive to both sexes, therefore I intended to make sure that the colours will appeal to all and therefore capture more buyers.


2.1. In the article, I have written the interview to appear as a casual conversation by using short sentences in the star’s dialect and informal language to make to the reader feel closer to the star and therefore add interest. The content is relevant to the article and makes sense in conjunction with the overall product.


3.1. The cover lines are short and inviting. Name dropping in capitals will catch the readers eye. Each artist relates to the genre and therefore will appeal to the audience. Furthermore, I also included a rhetorical questions "the new clubbing central?" to perk interest and persuade the audience to buy the magazine to find out more. "New Upcoming Artists That Will Blow You Away" is also a gripping story line. With use of the pronoun "you", the audience is included and addressed, convincing them to read the story.


4.1. Each subject and page listed is relevant to the genre. Most are interviews with large artists, attracting a dedicated audience and perhaps a curious one. Also, I stated that there are unknown artists found inside, adding diversity to the content. Fashion and events are also included, adding a wider variety and appealing to less dedicated fans of the genre as there is guaranteed interest. Once again, the colours are bright and pungent to reel in buyers. Colour is also spread in the background, catching eyesights. However, to avoid it being too overwhelming and immature, the typography is in white and blacks. In addition to this, rhetorical questions are also included alongside page numbers, including the audience and reeling them in.


5.1. The main story line is short and sweet: "Izzy Daize, The new DJ taking the world by storm!". The exclamation point grabs attention to the short statement. This gives only a small amount of information away and encourages the reader to find out more.


6.1. I used three common fonts: Avenir Next Ultra Light Italic, Baskerville Bold Italic and arial in the double page spread. These are all easily understandable and bold whilst staying simple and not distracting the viewer from the images used. Titles are in Baskerville Bold/Italic due to it being a serif font and therefore gives a more impressive and bold appearance to attract the maturing youth whilst text is in Avenir Next Ultra Light Italic and Arial due to them being san serif and consequently easily read.


7.1. After finding many people of the target audience to complete my questionnaire, my price was decided and also my content, as evaluated on my research page. My audience wished for both unknown and well-known artist, which I took into mind when creating my product. My main story was about an upcoming DJ for this reason. Articles including fashion, festivals, upcoming events and competitions were included whilst those of beauty were avoided to upkeep appropriate content.