A Sprint Planning checklist

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A Sprint Planning checklist создатель Mind Map: A Sprint Planning checklist

1. Relax

1.1. The Product Owner has a stated objective for the upcoming sprint

1.2. The Scrum Team co creates a Sprint Goal for the upcoming Sprint.

1.3. Sprint Plannings outcome is 1: a shared understanding of the increment delivered at the end of the sprint

1.4. Sprint Plannings outcome is 2: a plan how to develop the increment

1.5. The Development Team's knows the external dependencies

1.6. The availability of the Development Team members within the Sprint is known

1.7. The Sprint Backlog can be realized by the Development Team(s) itself (themselves)

1.8. The members of the Scrum Team(s) collaborate to create the Sprint Backlog

1.9. All members of  the Development Team(s) are convinced that the Sprint Backlog can be realized.

1.10. The Sprint Backlog makes visible all of the work that the Development Team(s) identifies(y) as necessary to meet the Sprint Goal

1.11. If needed, the Development Teams collaborate with people outside the Development Team, who can provide technical or domain knowledge

2. Take action

2.1. There is no Sprint Goal after Sprint Planning

2.2. Sprint Backlog items do not support the Sprint Goal

2.3. All tasks to create the Backlog Items are discussed in detail.

2.4. All tasks to reach the Sprint Goal are linked to specific team members

2.5. The Development Team(s) negotiate instead of collaborate to create the Sprint Goal

2.6. The Product Owner tries to convince the Development Team to put more Product Backlog Items on the Sprint Backlog

2.7. Not all Scrum Team members do participate in the discussions during Sprint Planning

2.8. The complete design of the solution is clear before Sprint Planning

2.9. The Product Backlog Items are split into tasks before the Sprint

3. If a signal appears:  once ... it's an accidence twice ... it's a coincidence three times ... it's a pattern