Social Media Impact

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Social Media Impact создатель Mind Map: Social Media Impact

1. Facilitates interaction

1.1. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter make it easier for us to communicate at a distance by allowing us to share pictures and videos, and providing us with useful features such as group chats and pages

1.1.1. Occupy Wall St. Easier communication between people across large distances make it easier to come together and take action What about the dangerous interation that social media can facilitate? Like a pedophile?

2. Allows for unfiltered communication

2.1. On social media, people are able to speak their minds without being censored, unlike on television and newspapers.

2.1.1. How Free Speech and Social Media Fit Together This allows us to know what people are thinking, not what they are obligated to say. QUIDING QUESTION: How is unfiltered communication a good thing?

3. Makes it harder for traditional media to thrive

3.1. Newspapers, television, and radio often have professionals who ensure that the information provided is accurate and objective, whereas social media can contain any kind of information. Yet, traditional media is being replaced by social media.

3.1.1. The rise and rise of fake news If people in a country are ignorant of the facts surrounding the issues and events in their country, they are unable to take proper action to improve their country GUIDING QUESTION: What about traditional media needs social media to thrive? There are other media platforms.

4. Cultivates the practice of seeking validation of online peers instead of living for oneself

4.1. At concerts one can often see most of the audience filming instead of enjoying the moment, or at beaches, people often spend most of their time taking selfies instead of having fun

4.1.1. Seeking Validation Online Doesn’t Bring Real Happiness Lack of "likes" or approval online can lead to people having lower self-esteem, or feeling inferior to others. GUIDING QUESTION: I agree with your point that lack of online approval can lower self esteem but does it have an affect on mental health?

5. Promotes broadcasting superficial arguments that garner attention over accurate, reasonable information

5.1. Egypt's online revolution failed to bring about change because rumors, biased arguments, and hate speech circulated more than progressive ideas

5.1.1. Let's design social media that drives real change Causes us to be unable to drive change using social media, essentially rendering us incapable of bringing about a better future GUIDING QUESTION: Considering other media platforms such as newspapers and television broadcasting, how is this affect of social media different from that?

6. Easier communication between people and more important bodies

6.1. Senators and businesses can look at how people view them on websites like Facebook and Yelp

6.1.1. Faster linkage between a government and its people helps the political agenda be better monitored and accomplished QUIDING QUESTION: What makes communication through social media different than communicating through texting or emailing?

7. Gives those with power a platform to misuse their power

7.1. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has often used his twitter account to make inflammatory, misleading, offensive, and false arguments

7.1.1. Trump's comments regarding vaccines The communicative abilities of social media, in the wrong hands, can influence a large amount of people to believe false arguments or support dangerous propositions. I agree with this negative impact of yours but whats to say that he wouldn't misuse power without social media? However can't political power through social media be positive? Think about the Black Lives Matter movement and other organizations that work for positive change through social media. -Solana

8. Provides amateurs with a platform to circulate their work

8.1. Amateur content creators such as IdubbbzTV, TheNeddleDrop, and Vsauce use YouTube to circulate their content and make money off of the advertisement system

8.1.1. Vsauce: Science channel Allows content to be created, shared, and compensated without television stations imposing guidelines and censorship. TV stations such as CNN or CBS have a long history of imposing regulations, as seen in this timeline: GUIDING QUESTION: How does circulating this work affect the talent?

9. Gives people the freedom to use hate speech

9.1. White supremacist groups can be found on Facebook

9.1.1. Ku Klux Klan The outreach of social media allows the hate speech of certain groups to reach individuals Again, i agree but hate speech is seen and heard nearly everywhere. What about social media makes hate speech so powerful?

10. Support groups

10.1. Social media allows certain groups aiming to help people to reach their audiences

10.1.1. Puerto Rico Relief Effort The outreach of social media can allow these groups to be more effective at providing aid to those in need QUIDING QUESTION: How does effictiveness tie into promotion on social media specifically?

11. Hate speech: Affirmation or contradiction of freedom of expression

12. Mental Health and the Effects of Social Media

13. The Real Reason Using Facebook Makes You Feel Bad

14. Commentary log and works cited