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Thanks to the air conditioning in our new office and the occasional ice cream, our developers have managed to stay productive in spite of the rising temperatures. During the past few weeks they’ve added not one, not two, but five new features to MindMeister, which we’re proud to introduce to you today.

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New Map Types

Many of you have been asking for these, so we listened: With the new map types you can choose to keep all your topics aligned on one side, or use the all-new org chart layout to format your topics along vertical and horizontal lines. Learn more

Two-Factor Authentication

This feature brings even more security for your maps. When you activate TFA, the only way to access your account is by providing both your regular password and a verification code from your mobile phone, which changes every 30 seconds. Learn more

Activity Stream

Instead of tasks or trending maps you can now see a live activity stream next to your map listing. The stream will keep you up-to-date on all map changes done by your collaborators. Learn more

Text Import

Importing text has never been easier: Simply copy and paste any text into the upload dialogue to turn it into a mind map. Both spaces and tabs work as indents and result in a new topic level. Learn more

Webcam Avatar

Now you can use your webcam to quickly create a new avatar for your account. Your avatar is visible both in collaboration mode and in your public map channel. Learn more

Want to know more? Get the full scope on the MindMeister blog!

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