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October 2014

MindMeister for iOS: App Update

MindMeister version 6.2 is now available in the App Store and brings full iOS 8 compatibility as well as the new map layouts we introduced in our web app a few months ago. Now you can keep all your topics aligned on the left/right or switch to org chart mode with one click.

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New Hand-drawn Map Theme

If you like the personal, hand-drawn look of paper mind maps but don’t want to do without the structure, space and clarity of digital maps, then this super stylish new map theme is perfect for you. Try it now in the web app or on iOS!

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Take Part in the Decision Making at

Now it's up to you - cast your vote for the mind mapping innovation you want to see come true: A Geistesblitz app for the Apple Watch, a tool that turns your hand-written whiteboard maps into editable mind maps, or an integration with a motion control device to mind map with your whole body.

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