Use Shortcuts

Using shortcuts can speed up your mapping process significantly, which is why it is advisable to get familiar with the most important shortcuts as soon as you start using MindMeister. Here’s our list of recommended shortcuts which will definitely improve your MindMeister experience:

INS or TAB Add a child idea
RETURN Add a sibling idea below
SHIFT+RETURN Add a sibling idea above
DEL or BACKSPACE Delete an idea
+, - Zoom in, out
SHIFT+RETURN Add line break
⌘+X Cut
⌘+C Copy
⌘+V Paste
⌘+SHIFT+V Paste Style
ALT+1 / 2 / 9 Show 1 / 2 / All Levels
⌘+ALT+F Fullscreen Mode

For a complete overview of all shortcuts, click here.

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