The Case of Jamie Edwards: (Page 16 of the Special Education in Ontario Schools) Summary: Jamie is a male student in Grade 2 who has had academic and social difficulties in Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1. He has spontaneous outbursts and his academic achievement is slow. His developmental difficulties were looked at by his previous teacher Ms. Markesh, who referenced this to his maturity level due to having a late birthday thus being the youngest in his class. His new teacher, Ms. Singh, discusses altering his program and to have him assessed. He now meets twice a week with the learning resource teacher to go over class work with extended time for his assignments. After continuing with this strategy, the outbursts disappeared almost immediately. Ms. Singh and Ms. Markesh work collaboratively in order to adjust their programs to suit not only Jamie’s needs, but also the needs of the other students. The teachers have become comfortable with the universal design for learning and differentiated instruction. It has been decided that Jamie is not currently in need of identification, but it is agreed upon that assessment is a useful tool. Both teachers happily accepted the task of deciding on and administering the necessary adjustments. Deconstruct the issue/roblem in the case : Throughout the previous sessions of the EDBE 8P03 course, we have discussed many different theories and ideas.  This case specifically connects to the course content we have discussed through the use of Universal Design Learning, Child Development theories introduced, as well as, differentiated instruction practices.  One is able to see the connection of these theories through the following four perspectives presented in the case study for, The Case of Jamie Edwards, the principal, the teacher, the parent, and the student.