Select Azure Layout

Diagram describing the layout of selet application on Microsoft Azure

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Select Azure Layout 作者: Mind Map: Select Azure Layout

1. Client

1.1. Ingress Controller

1.1.1. Project Web App (pod)

1.2. Ingress Controller

1.2.1. API Gateway (pod) Project Dashboard PD PD-API (pod) Project Management PM PM-Notifications (pod) PM-Search (pod) PM-API (pod) PM-Worker (pod) Sales Office SO SO=API(pod) Schedule Management SchM SchM-API (pod) SchM- Notifications (pod) SchM-Worker (pod) Notification Management NM NM-API (pod) NM-Notifications (pod) NM-Worker (pod) Settings Management SM SM-API (pod) Content Management CM CM-API(pod)

2. AKS

3. Azure Cosmos DB

4. Azure Service Bus

5. VS Code

5.1. Azure Repository

5.1.1. Azure Pipeline Azure Container Registry Helm Charts

6. Azure Search Service

7. Azure SignalR