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tech history by Mind Map: tech history

1. Television

1.1. My favorite films were recorded on VHSs

1.2. In 5th grade our TV blew up while watching a recorded VHS and then we got a bigger TV

1.3. Then we got a combo VHS/DVD and actually still have it


2. I never played a video game until a year ago while babysitting a seven year old who taught me how to play super mario on Wii

2.1. Lego Harry Potter Wii CHAMPION

2.2. College Roommate played World of Warcraft til three am every night

2.3. When I visit my family, all my high school brothers do is play xbox.

3. music!!!

3.1. 1st tape player/radio---kindergarten

3.1.1. "Essential Billy Joel"

3.2. 1st CD player/CD


3.2.2. Top 40 Motown Hits

3.3. ipod!

4. Computer

4.1. 6th grade typing class on desktop macs with the bright colors

4.2. My family got a computer when I was in 7th grade

4.2.1. Discovered AIM Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

5. cell phone