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Social Media Guideline by Mind Map: Social Media Guideline
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Social Media Guideline

Weak issues

Presentation graphics sharing tools: Slideshare and Google Docs

Always consider what content you produce and who you accept into your network.

The project should ensure that backup copying of content is frequent

Virtual worlds: Second Life, Habbo Hotel

Strong issues

The most important thing is not to find communication channels that best suit you and the group.

CENTRAL STRONG SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES: Web conference tools and Picture, video sharing tools

Tools offered by social media allow for making the learning process in the community transparent.

Issues lead to Opportunities

Publishing platforms: blogs and wikis

Companies are interested in new production and distribution models and earning logics arising from network communities

With social media tools, review can be carried out and feedback provided by workplace representatives collected in an increasingly flexible manner

Issues about Threats

Community platforms:Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn,

Be selective about which channels to use, even if it seemed like everybody was using a particular channel.

It is particularly important to determine privacy protection and information security when choosing tools.

Whenever you do something, whether in your workplace or in your own yard, you are responsible for your actions.