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Characters by Mind Map: Characters
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Brothers Curtis

Ponyboy, Dreamer, Narrator, 14 years

Sodapop, Handsome, 16 years, Works in the gas station, Dropout, Comprehensive

Darryl, 20 years, Tough, Had a scholarship for sports but had to stay to mantein the family, Treats Pony bad to make him a good future, the one he didnt get


Looks like a puppy

Terrible Family

Also a dreamer

16 years but looks 14

Killed Bob

Dallas Winston

Comes from NY

Hardened himself

Loves fighting, violence

Has a file in the Cops Station

TwoBit Mathews

Always has something sharp to say

Likes school


Mean to Ponyboy

Best Friend of Soda


Cherry Valance

Red Hair



Sweet and good person

Likes Johnny and Ponyboy


Funny, good humor