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Pre-K Beach–Peggy Roupé by Mind Map: Pre-K Beach–Peggy Roupé
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Pre-K Beach–Peggy Roupé


Spot Goes to the Beach, Beach Baby, To the Beach, Out of the Ocean, A Day at the Beach, All You Need for the Beach, Let's Go to the Beach, Sea, Sand, Me, On the Way to the Beach, On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles, Beach Day, Grandma's Beach, On the Beach

Vocabulary matching to pictures

Tell about a character

Rhymes: The Seal

Matching letters to sounds using beach vocabulary

Social Studies

Island cultures

Similarities and differences: Island and desert cultures

Make your own beach in a jar


Magnifying glass and seashells

Manipulate things that exist in sea habitat

Sink or float

Marine animals


Sorting shells by smooth and rough

Ocean and sky - above and below - sort animals

Count the legs (one-to-one correspondence)

Which animal has more legs?


Finger-trace handcrabs

Finger starfish cutout

Starfish necklace

Pipe cleaner octopus

Tissue paper lei

Colored tape fish


Dramatic Play using stories

Act out: Five Fat Fish, Did You Ever See a Fishy,

Fingerplays: Five Cranky Crabs

Island dances

Crawl like a crab