Budgeting / Invoicing / Expense Tracking / Time Tracking / Reconciliation At ScienceFirst

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Budgeting / Invoicing / Expense Tracking / Time Tracking / Reconciliation At ScienceFirst by Mind Map: Budgeting / Invoicing / Expense Tracking / Time Tracking / Reconciliation At ScienceFirst

1. no other clients request specific documents for reconciliation

2. do we actually have to produce merck binders or is that just a legacy schering practice we simply do to make our difficult clients happy?

3. can we just print the reports from harvest along with the scanned receipts and put that into a binder for our difficult Merck clients?

4. 1. By Deliverable Budgeting Tool [excel]

4.1. deliverables clearly defined

4.2. hours estimated for each SF employee

4.3. quotes sourced from vendors

4.4. out of pockets estimated

4.5. budget summary page pdf'd and added to pdf of proposal

4.5.1. i think the team has been just transferring this manually into a work document. How can we save time and eliminate retyping?

4.6. budgeted profit automatically calculated

4.7. no longer using Karim's project budget template

5. 6. Expense Tracking in Harvest

5.1. AMEX CHARGES - each SF card holder to enter their expenses / scanned receipts into harvest

5.1.1. this should cover all AmEx expenses and monthly close should match reporting from harvest

5.1.2. accountability is KEY

5.1.3. should eliminate the lag at end of month coding

5.1.4. should ensure all amex expenses are billed to projects and recouped from client

5.2. VENDOR BILLS - john or direct report to enter vendor bills in harvest and scan receipt

5.3. T-Mobile, PGI, other strange cases

6. 7. Reconciliation

6.1. cross reference of project manager AmEx vs. Harvest

6.2. review of time logged to job in Harvest

6.3. NEED a cross reference of vendor bills listed in harvest vs. QuickBooks report?

7. Client Specific Reconciliation Needs

7.1. Merck

8. 5a. Evaluate for Change Orders

8.1. review of budget vs. actual in Harvest by partners and project managers

9. 2. Proposal [word, excel, pdf]

9.1. value proposition written

9.2. sciencefirst "boilerplate" page added

9.2.1. NEEDS to be created

9.2.2. terms of payment need to be included

9.3. budget summary page from by deliverable budgeting tool added

9.4. john copied on submission of proposal

9.4.1. Anne and John to hold meetings about latest proposals

9.5. documents saved neatly on server by budget / proposal creator

10. 3. Estimates in Harvest

10.1. john to add estimates on harvest when proposals are sent to clients

10.1.1. these are the final versions of proposals

10.2. by deliverable budgeting template file to be attached to estimate in harvest

10.3. estimates in harvest to replace "unbillable bills" reporting

11. 5. Invoicing From Harvest

11.1. "free-form" invoices, not hours / expenses to date

11.2. NEED to think of a way to produce final invoice in harvest, since

11.2.1. might require an intermediate step. could use the reconciliation tool in the new budgeting template. or could pull reports on hours and expenses in harvest and do some quick math vs. total purchase order

12. 4b. New Project In Harvest

12.1. new project to be added when proposal accepted by client

12.2. lists project name, code, project manager, team members, hours budget by person

12.3. will be used as a record to bill project expenses to

13. 4a. Client Specific Documents

13.1. to be filled out as soon as client approves proposal

13.2. if no proposal needed, to be filled out immediately after by deliverable budgeting template

13.3. purpose: to obtain PO#, satisfy client needs / NOT for real budgeting

13.4. total dollar amount from by deliverable budgeting template to be used. hours for SF staff to be "backed in to"

13.5. clients that expect specific documents: Merck, Novartis, Pfizer. The rest will take a proposal with budget attached

14. QuickBooks Project Records

14.1. NEED a way to sync Harvest with QuickBooks for new jobs

15. 1a. pass through cash flow