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06/08 - Identifying a Research Problem, Locating & Critiquing Information by Mind Map: 06/08 - Identifying a Research
Problem, Locating & Critiquing
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06/08 - Identifying a Research Problem, Locating & Critiquing Information


Boolean searches

Operators, And, Or, Not


eg. Relation*, Will give Relations, relationships etc

Proximity Operators



Varies from database to database


eg. organi?ation, Organisation, Organization


Planned approach to research

Analyse topic/ instruction words

Use Effectives search strategies

Use key terms

Gather information/ evidence



Google Scholar


Databases, Scholarly journal articles

Evaluate information

Synthesise and present information

La Trobe Library

1. Go to A-Z databases

2. Select the subject area

3. Select databases

A+ Education

Proquest Central

If you cannot access the article

Use the document delivery section

7 Steps to The Project

1. Select a Topic

2. Focus (to a research question)

3. Design the Study

4. Data Collection

5. Present and Analyse Data

6. Interpretation of results/findings

7. Share with Others

Quantitative and Qualitative


Measures facts, eg. Age women have their first child

Focus on variables, Socio-economic status, Marital status

Reliability and validity, Can be repeated


Large samples

Statistical Analysis

Researcher detached


Construct reality, Social/cultural meaning

Focus on interactive events or processes, Nature of persons relationship status, Views of family related factors

Authenticity, Can not be repeated, Is usually social

Values present, Made Explicit

Small Samples

Thematic Analysis

Researcher involved