When we're Helping we're Happy

Weeklong Integrated unit

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When we're Helping we're Happy by Mind Map: When we're Helping we're Happy

1. Book: I Want to be a Vet

1.1. Math Activity: How many pets do our students have? graph

1.2. Art: Doctor Collage - mag clippings, band-aids, cotton balls, and paint - let them create (everythingpreschool.com)

1.3. Dramatic Play: Veterinarian Office

1.4. Writing journal: If I could have any animal for a pet...

1.5. Visit from a Vet Technician

1.5.1. Interview Questions

2. Book: The Little Red Hen

2.1. Grow Wheat grass

2.1.1. paint flower pots

2.1.2. plant seeds on soil water daily children draw pictures of growth each day as observation

2.2. discussion: helping

2.3. listening center

2.4. writing journal: I can be a good helper by _____?

2.5. dramatic play: bakery

2.6. Make whole wheat Bread

2.6.1. grind flour from wheat berries

2.6.2. measure and follow directions to put ingredients together to make bread

2.6.3. eat bread for snack

3. Book: Career Day

3.1. Writing journal: draw what I want to be when I grow up

3.2. Field Trip: Fire Station

3.2.1. observation checklist

3.3. measure length of a hose, count steps on a latter,

3.4. singing time: Fire Fighter, Call 911