Information Literacy

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Information Literacy by Mind Map: Information Literacy

1. what is it?

1.1. INFORMATION LITERACY - the knowledge and skills of the information problem-solving process. An information literate person is a discriminating user of information who is able to define and information problem or task, develop an information seeking strategy, locate and access information, understand and extract relevant and credible information, synthesize a solution/answer, and evaluate the result in terms of accuracy and completeness.

1.1.1. To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information

2. Teacher-librarians - you should OWN this term (INFORMATION LITERACY), and everyone (parents, administrators, classroom teachers, students) should recognize that you are the INFORMATION LITERACY expert.

2.1. Classroom teachers - you should work with your teacher-librarians to integrate INFORMATION LITERACY learning into every assignment and unit - not as a laundry list of skills, but as a PROCESS - the informaiton problem-solving process

3. Gather

3.1. gather and select the most useful information

3.1.1. Anaylze find meaning in the information gathered Present