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Nutrition by Mind Map: Nutrition

1. Circle Time and Songs

1.1. Children wil learn a new song: The Healthy Army

1.1.1. Children will learn about handwashing and practice the proper way to complete.

2. Letter Recognition and Art project

2.1. Teacher will introduce the letter "N"

2.1.1. New node

3. Circle Time and Songs

3.1. Children will sing the song they learned the day before and sing a few other songs.

3.1.1. The teacher will hold up a picture of broccoli and ask the students what color is this? What did you have for dinner last night? Was it good for you?

4. Nutrition Art Project

4.1. Children will start to work on their Nutrition Mobiles

4.1.1. Each child will chose a fruit or vegetable theme. They will color all necessary pieces and cut them out.

5. Literacy: Introduction of Nutrition and short discussion

5.1. Read aloud- Eating the Alphabet and discuss the fruits and vegatables that where presented within the story.

5.1.1. Discuss new vocabulary discussed within the story.

6. Physical education

6.1. Children will toss bean bag fruit to one another while standing in a circle. When they caught one they will try to correctly name it.

7. Literacy: Read Aloud of Gregory the Terrible Eater

7.1. A short discussion will be lead by the teacher and unfamiliar vocabulary will be addressed.

7.1.1. Teacher will ask the students why Gregory was a terrible eater? What makes him a terrible eater? How can he be a great eater?