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GET 100k in SAAS subscriptions, INCOME COMING IN NOW by Mind Map: GET 100k in SAAS subscriptions, INCOME COMING IN NOW

1. Marketing

1.1. Spread the word about the product - email marketing is about building relationships

1.1.1. Top funnel cold email drip campaigns Organize program to mass email all leads 36k email contacts social media Setup system to automate posting of content evergreen articles write a article about each product problem Direct contact of already warm clients Find clients to pass off to James Pass warm leads to sales

1.1.2. Middle funnel lead magnets Customer case studies Email Articles

1.1.3. bottom Pricing pages faq free samples Sales Demo's

1.2. Sub goals

1.2.1. Q/A & Fix major issues website Look at analytics to see how site is doing get others to test site gather feedback align feedback priority

1.2.2. Test pricing plans update ai chat bot

1.2.3. Site SEO Technical seo audit use screamiing frog Keyword backlinks submition to google move blog into domain review - 168 best seo tools

1.2.4. Site updates add hospitality images to background add chart to background

2. Onboarding

3. Major reason's startup success

4. Mautic

4.1. Create Sales Funnel Tiers

4.2. Create lead scoring associated with Sales funnel tiers

4.3. Create actions when different tiers are met

4.4. Associate dynamic content on the website

4.4.1. Use their names

4.4.2. Use their area

4.4.3. Thanks for checking out our article

4.5. Create segmentation groups

4.6. Create Campaigns groups

4.7. Train James

4.8. Create email and form collectors

4.8.1. Dynamically ask for more information as they download more of your information

4.8.2. Associate actions to these forms

4.9. milestone