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FTS milestones by Mind Map: FTS milestones

1. fdsgfds

2. Transfer Queue

2.1. Messaging implementation

2.2. Mock implementations

2.2.1. for testing

2.2.2. before MQ era

2.3. Database implementation - do we need it?

3. Database access

3.1. Generic database interface

3.1.1. Generic "schema" Configuration schema We need to identify it Transfer job schema Job queue schema? Objects

3.1.2. Queries Methods

3.2. Oracle plugin

3.2.1. Implement the queries

4. Configuration

4.1. Admin CLI

4.2. Config. data in database

4.3. Config service

4.3.1. Also web service

5. Transfer execution

5.1. Logic is the same like in old FTS

5.2. Transfer-url-copy overlaps with lcg-cp

5.2.1. merge

5.2.2. Use from lcg_util

5.2.3. We have transfer plugins immediately HTTP, xroot: both GFAL and FTS benefits in the same time

5.3. Good task for a student - Adrien?

6. Monitoring, logging

6.1. Same logger for bot GFAL and LCG_Util?

6.2. Monitoring messages in FTS 2.2.8 - same in FTS3.

7. Transfer scheduling

8. Transfer submission

8.1. web service

8.1.1. receives transfer requests

8.1.2. adds it to the transfer queue

8.2. Transfer CLI

8.2.1. Reuse existing one Refactor if needed

8.3. Which technology do we use?

8.3.1. Apache Axis Looks more stable More maintainable More work.. Better HTTPS, etc

8.3.2. gsoap We use it now cgsi-gsoap plugin ready Less stable Generated API is ugly

9. SRM handling

9.1. In GFAL

9.2. Adrien helps