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1. Great Divide New Institutions Collage Institutional Limitations Style Propoganda Movements: Futurists, Dadaists, Surrealists, De Stijl, Bauhaus

2. Time & Space Spectator Involvement Provocative Ready made art Perishable materials Awkward questions

3. Naked Nude Mirrors Spectator

4. Kant: Genius Taste

5. French Revolution Capitalism Free will Humanity Property & Contract Signature

6. Authority Art Institutions Ideology

7. Possesion Tangibility Texture Solidity Richness of Surface

8. The Avant-Garde, Popular Culture & Mass Media

9. Installation

10. Oil Paintings

11. Aesthetics: Theory of Art

12. Art and the Modern Subject

13. What is Art?

14. Women In Artworks

15. Institutions and History

16. Fertility Closed & Open Form Kinetic Sculpture Assemblage 4th Dimention Scupture Motorized Sculpture Relief

17. Composition Horizontals and Verticals Harmony and Balance Rhythm Curves and Diagonals Color Asymmetry

18. Abstraction Art History Modernity Ideal Images

19. Fine Arts Observation Form, Mass, Light, Color Comprehensible to All Order & Relation Adaptable Intrinsic Meaning Extrinsic Meaning

20. Organization Define Research Ideate Prototype Implement Form Content Thinking Selecting Critique

21. Learnt assumptions Mystification Perspective Camera Reproduction

22. Academy Museums Private studios Galleries

23. Learning to Look at Paintings

24. Sculpture

25. Architecture

26. Design

27. Development of Modernism

28. Ways of seeing