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BioFilms and SIBO by Mind Map: BioFilms and SIBO
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BioFilms and SIBO

Biofilm Definition

Bacterial Colonies Living Within a Self Constructed Structured Environment


Collection of microbial communities

Encased in a Matrix of Extracellular Polymeric Substances

Made of, Negatively Charged Polysaccharides, Positively Charged Metal ions, Polysaccharides Vary by Bacteria


Multiple Channels

Diffusion of Nutrients & Genetic Materials

Protective Functions

Resistant to Anti-Biotics and Microbials

100 to 1000 Fold More Resistant


Quorum Sensing

Chemicals, Gram -, Lactones, E-Coli, Epinephrine, Gram +, Cyclic Peptides

Chelating Agents

Iron chelators


Lactoferrin, P aeruginosa


Binds on Cat ions Holding Matrix Together

Staph, EDTA, Vancomycin

Blocked by Ca or Fe

Frequently Combined with Enzymes

SIBO Ease Plus


Overgrowth of Bacteria in Small Bowel

>100,000 CFU/ml


Presence of Pathogenic Bacteria

Found in Biofilms

Symptoms, persistent/Recurrent Dysbiosis, Recurrent Sinusitis, Initially do well on Antibiotic or Antifungals, Frequent Flaring of Yeast/Bacterial During Detox, Associated with Autoimmune Disease

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3 Steps

Treatment Sequencing

3 Steps, 1. Enzymes and Chelators, 2. Killing Agents, 3. Clean-up

Biofilm Dysrupters

Proteolytic Enzymes, Products, SIBO Ease Plus, SIBO Ease, Dissolve Matrix

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Given on Empty Stomach

Killing Agents

Antibiotics, Rifaximin, Xifaxan, $1800 +

Natural Compounds, Herbal, olive leaf, grape seed extract, oregano, Wormwood, Artemesia, Combination, Biocidin, Liquid, Capsules, Probiotics, Secrete Antibacterial Substances, Gensium Violet

Clean up

Agents, Fiber, Activated Charcoal, Alginates, Brown Algae, Modified Citrus Pectin, GI Detox

Given Away from Meds & Supplements, Bind Drugs and Supplements Making them Ineffective

Reduces Side Effects from Die-Off