A Veiw From The Bridge: Historical and Social Context

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A Veiw From The Bridge: Historical and Social Context by Mind Map: A Veiw From The Bridge: Historical and Social Context

1. Working on the docks

1.1. If you knew someone working on the docks you'd probable get a Job there with them

2. 'Ratting Out'

2.1. "Snitching"

2.2. In the play Eddie calls the Immigration. Ratting out Rodolpho and Marco.

2.3. Eddie Would've been killed because he had "Ratted" out a Family member

3. Tight Knit Communities

3.1. Italian Families moved in together to make up a Italian Community.

3.2. Italians enjoyed it in America, They'd have Friends and Family all around Brooklyn

3.3. Most Italians would live in a tenament building - A 4 or 5 story appartment with 2 families on each floor

4. Italian Immagrants

4.1. Italians moved to America to get a better life.

4.2. Italians were like slaves - They were some else property.

4.3. When Italians wanted to enter America they'd have to goto a Immigration Office called Grey Hall.

4.3.1. They'd be docters there to make sure they had no illnesses or dieseases.

4.4. In Italy it was very hard to own your own land

4.5. Rodolpho and Marco entered the country illegally

5. Womens Roles

5.1. Women were more securtarial

5.2. They wanted to become nurses but they had to stay at home looking after children whilst the men were out working; Mostly men workied on the Docks

5.3. Mostly stayed at home

6. Growing up in Brooklyn

6.1. They were hardly any lawws.

6.2. If a problem had evolved they would have to sort it out themselves

6.3. The difference in Language and Understanding made Italians distrust the law system

6.4. To make sure that you stayed in America was quite hard

6.4.1. People would be wouldve been held back if they had any dieseases or illnesses, If they were not better within a few days they'd be deported back to Italy

6.5. Red Hook was had more ethnic groups not just of the Italian Ethnicity