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1. Main Website : Built using Kallyas

1.1. Needed

1.1.1. Faster

1.1.2. Homepage Lighter & Faster


1.2.1. Ai Chatbot Ai Chat Bot for Hospitality – Hospitality United

1.2.2. Email Capture & Recovery Check-out Email Capture & recovery – Hospitality United

1.2.3. Reward Incentives Booking Reward Incentives – Hospitality United

1.2.4. Price Check Price Check – Hospitality United

1.2.5. Reviews & Ratings Reviews & Ratings – Hospitality United

1.2.6. Herd Enchantment Herd Enchantment – Hospitality United

1.2.7. Abandonment Disruption Abandonment Disruption – Hospitality United

1.2.8. Bundled Plans Starter Kit Starter Kit – Hospitality United Eco Plan Economy – Plan – Hospitality United Pro Plan Professional – Plan – Hospitality United VIP Plan VIP – Maximum Conversions – Hospitality United

1.3. Roadmap

1.3.1. Focused Funnel


2.1. 25 Article's Total

2.1.1. 3+ per product

2.2. Advertisements on site to main website

2.3. Links in articles to products & site

2.4. Roadmap

2.4.1. Consistent Article postings

2.4.2. Consistent Lead Magnet creation

2.4.3. Use feedly, to give article content suggestions

2.4.4. Use Pixby to match images to articles

2.4.5. Look into using Quill to ahave ai create new content

2.5. Needed

2.5.1. Lead generation/Nuturing Implementation Only display 50% of article Newsletter sign up pop ups Special pop ups to build lead details

2.6. Automated & Manual Systems Used

2.6.1. Ultimate Chief Article Spinner

2.6.2. API Connection to plagerism checker

2.6.3. Newspaper Theme-System used

3. Next Milestones

3.1. Milestone #1 (Announcing company existence)

3.1.1. Milestone #2 (Nurture & Qualify Leads) Milestone #3 (Sales Contacts warm leads and closes sales) Milestone #4 (Product Expansion) Onboard #100 Clients - SAAS revenue coming in Joseph Switches to full time, to assist onboarding and product implementation processes to onboard documented and passed off to offshore teams Upon success of current email campaigns, I expand email scraping collection and repeat Milestone 1-3

3.1.2. Leads are qualified and scored, automatically sent to sales

3.1.3. Use 3rd party to obtain contact telephone numbers, or manually gather this information

3.1.4. I anticipate lose at payment options area, due to invoicing requirements, or lack of trial period options

3.1.5. Create lead magnets on each article

3.1.6. Begin Gaberiel and Amber's article posting and social posting on daily basis

3.1.7. Create all lead magnets for emails as well

3.1.8. Complete forms to slowly gather more contact details

3.2. Do Linked in Announcements in large hospitality groups

3.3. Discover more channels where hospitality clients hang out and announce company

3.4. Do posting's in social channels announcing company

3.5. Cold contact drip email campagin starts 27,000 contacted Jan 8 ending Jan 12

3.6. Possibly done in batches of 5000, to learn where in the automated version of the funnel we are losing them

4. What we have

4.1. Scale-able Pricing & Automated Billing 157-Separate Prices, Click for Excel file break down josephmilestoneinternet

4.1.1. Monthly

4.1.2. Yearly / Discount

4.1.3. 1 : Hotel

4.1.4. 2 - 30 Hotels

4.1.5. 2 - 2k Hotels but single website - Portal

4.1.6. 30 - 100 Hotels Enterprise

4.1.7. 100 - 6k Brands

4.1.8. 1 - 3k : Agency

4.1.9. Roadmap Pricing to be added Seasonal properties Low Volume Properties Volume based pricing Destination Marketing Organizations ROI Based % Revenue Based OTA PRICING Management or corporate site Friendly Pricing tables / Easier to Understand

5. Automated Marketing Systems Mautic

5.1. contact tracking

5.2. Contact nurturing tools

5.3. Organize Marketing Campaings

5.4. Automates Finding and nurturing leads

5.5. Landing pages

5.6. Forms

5.7. Sending Emails

5.8. Text messages

5.9. web notifications

5.10. tracking social media

5.11. Auto build lead profiles

5.12. Auto Lead scoring

5.13. Integrates with CRM

5.14. Needs

5.14.1. I need inside page tracking to work so that mastic can score leads in the best manner it can

5.14.2. Campaigns

5.14.3. lead magnets

6. Roadmap

6.1. Use character animation tools to create videos, that explain products better

6.1.1. Pixity Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

6.2. Social Connections & Posting

6.2.1. Automated posting across all channels

6.2.2. Midrub - schedule and publish on the most popular social networks Midrub is a tool for web marketing which allows to anyone to publish posts on 18 social networks, share RSS posts to 18 social networks, publish posts to any website created with Wordpress, create Amazon/eBay RSS Feeds, reply to comments(on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks), create email campaigns and send to your email lists and other useful features comming soon. Users can register and pay with PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout or VoguePay to upgrade their plan. You just have to create the plans and limit the platform features for each plan. You can test the demo here: Midrub | Share news on the social networks

6.3. Ultimate Membership Pro

6.3.1. Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

6.3.2. Tons of features to manage membership based content

7. Sales

7.1. James hill

7.1.1. Currently rules a successful Sales team he created with 60+ employee's

7.1.2. Responsible for contacting warm leads qualified by mautic lead score

7.1.3. Responsible for closing new sales

7.1.4. Business partner

7.1.5. Responsible for growing sales team

8. Lead Generation

8.1. Scraping email addresses from linked in using the top position titles in hospitality

8.2. Scraped 27k clean leads so far

8.3. Roadmap

8.3.1. Linked in group postings

8.3.2. Create hospitality groups

8.4. Needed, Organic leads

8.4.1. Make website faster

8.4.2. Connect news site articles

8.4.3. do technical analysis, fix issues

8.4.4. Keyword research

8.4.5. Schema's

8.4.6. Meta tagging

9. Company Concept

9.1. Nonprofit group

9.1.1. Focus : increases a hotels bookings on their website

9.1.2. Automate systems and tools

9.1.3. Decrease cost of those tools, while creating new tools to take their place

9.1.4. Ideal senerio Company builds nextegg that supports itself in the long run through it's own investments, which supports continued develop

9.1.5. Consume the hospitality tech community by solely serving the end customer and their needs without a focus on greed. Setting a amount we need, and decreasing costs to consumers as more clients are on-boarded.

9.2. Get new clients from offering tools for free as we consume more of the hospitality tech market share.

10. Needed

10.1. Marketing efforts, get people to the website

10.2. Onboarding Clients, maybe sales can do this part

10.3. Products: I can work to better explain, clean up website and refinements on products