Empathic Civilisation

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Empathic Civilisation by Mind Map: Empathic Civilisation

1. Purpose of the mindmap

1.1. Add your projects that add your bit to this puzzle!!

2. How to get there?

3. Projects fueling change

3.1. Capacity building among organisations of young leaders

3.1.1. www.leaderhsipsummerschool.org @lss_online Spin off Summer schools moving beyond silo thinking helping each other

4. Platforms which may fuel this change

4.1. Bottom up

4.1.1. "umbrella Inc"

4.1.2. www.trainersforum.org

4.1.3. www.zerogeneration.org Empowering students & young professionals w new skills Sharing best practices in training

4.1.4. www.tedx.com Spreading good ideas equally over the world

4.2. Top Down

4.2.1. www.ted.com Spreading good ideas equally over the world