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Democracy by Mind Map: Democracy

1. It is when the people of the country can vote for there president or other leader or officials but not all of them

1.1. Who is eligible (has the right) to vote in the presidential elections in Finland?

1.1.1. A person over the age of 18

1.1.2. Citizen of Finland can

2. Democracy is The right to people to vote for their leader. By 1955209

3. What is meant by equality=tasa-arvo ?

4. Everything and everyone is treated the same.

5. We can have a impact on our class. We can also havhe an impact on the school by joining the student council and other groups like it.

6. Where can you have a say and vote?

7. What does democracy mean?

8. In which issues and which communities can YOU have an impact on?

9. What is dictatorship?

10. a secret ballot (vaali salaisuus) is right to not hafto tell ANYone hwo you voted for (does not mean u could not tell)

11. You are taking a parit in major decisions ehile voting.

12. What are the main tasks of a president in Finland?

12.1. international affairs

12.2. Ne johtaa suomea

13. Everyone who is a citizen of Finland and someone who is 18

14. That you dont have to tell enybody who you voted for

15. A Citizen of Finland who has recieved a voting oppurtunity/letter to vote.The person must be 18+ to recieve a voting oppurtunity.

16. What is meant by secret ballot= vaalisalaisuus?

16.1. It means you have a right that you dont have to tell anyone who you voted for.

16.2. No one has to tell who They are

17. Why is it a good idea to vote? Why would someone not vote?

17.1. Because you would participate in the election as a finnish citizen and you only get one vote so use it. Some people do not want to vote because they think if they vote a president that is not going to win and has the lowest value there vote will not be counted and some people are shy.