Stages and Strands of Development

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Stages and Strands of Development by Mind Map: Stages and Strands of Development

1. There are 5 stages of development within lifespan. Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adult and Older Adult. Jamie has so far not had healthy development due to negative life experiences, and requires support to rectify this and improve his life chances in the future.

1.1. Infancy (0-2) The infant is completely dependent on caregiver to meet all physical needs, and will begin to learn basic motor and language skills during this stage. They also form attachments to their care givers which allows them to form healthy social and emotional relationships in the future. Jamie had shown a delay in meeting developmental milestones during this period, and failure to act on this at the time had an impact on Jamie's future development, as well as his chaotic family life having an impact on his ability to form healthy attachments and relationships

1.1.1. Adolescence (12-18) During this stage the individual forms their own identity and personal views, and their peer group becomes more influential in their life than their family as they begin to priorities social interactions . Jamie's development was not healthy during this stage due to lack of positive role models in his care setting, which lead to him forming attachments to unhealthy peer groups and engaging in unhealthy behaviors such as substance misuse.

1.2. Childhood (2-12) During this period children begin to learn accepted standards of behaviors, form friendships out with their family unit, and begin a new stage of cognitive development when they begin to attend school. Jamie's removal from his family unit during this stage, combined with his poor school attendance, had a negative effect on his cognitive, emotional and social development during childhood.

1.2.1. Adulthood (18-65) During this stage, the adult becomes completely independent and will find a partner to begin their own family if healthy development has occurred. in Jamie's case, he is not yet capable of independent living as he has difficulty in meeting his needs independently due to negative life experiences he has encountered in the past and the impact these are currently having on him. it is hoped with support and encouragement, Jamie will become more independent and capable of living alone in the future.

2. There are 5 strands of development which affect different aspects of an individuals life, and can be used to assess their needs. These are Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Cultural, and are sometimes referred to as SPECC.

2.1. Social - The social strand of needs is centered around the relationships and interactions the individual has with those around them. Jamie has not learned appropriate social norms, and as a result finds it difficult to make and maintain relationships, and is at risk from abuse in the relationships he dose choose to have.

2.1.1. Emotional - The emotional strand of development focuses on the individuals identity and self worth. Due to the neglect Jamie experienced in his early years, he now has very low self confidence. Although he finds it difficult to make and maintain relationships, he has a strong desire to fit in which can make him vulnerable to being influenced by those around him

2.2. Physical - The physical strand of needs focuses on how our body's grow and develop, and any associated health issues. Jamie's lack of knowledge of basic life skills such as nutrition, combined with his substance abuse and addiction issues, have resulted in him developing diabetes which he struggles to control due to a poor diet.

2.2.1. Cultural - Cultural development focuses on the individuals ability to know and understand the acceptable standards of behavior within society. Due to being in care settings for the majority of his life and not having any experience of living in a healthy functioning family unit, Jamie can still struggle to grasp social norms which can result in him withdrawing from social situations.

2.2.2. Cognitive - Cognitive needs focus on the individuals ability to learn new information and understand the world around them. Due to lack of stimulation in Jamie's early years, combined with his poor school attendance throughout his life, his cognitive ability was severely impacted and he is now undergoing assessment for a learning delay.