My Career Goals

This is a sub section of Your Career Marketing Plan on how to clarify your goals and how to focus on what you want

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My Career Goals by Mind Map: My Career Goals

1. My constraints

1.1. Can I start now?

1.2. How does this affect my life?

1.3. What's good about what I have now?

1.4. What price must I pay to achieve these goals?

1.5. What could prevent me from achieving these goals goal?

1.6. Who do I need to be to achieve these goals?

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3. My resources

3.1. Contacts?

3.2. Information?

3.3. Moral support?

3.4. Money?

3.5. More skills?

3.6. Professional help?

4. My affirmations

4.1. I easily and gracefully find the job I am looking for.

4.2. I attract the right employer into my life effortlessly.

4.3. Employers want to hire me.

4.4. My job search is fruitful.

4.5. I am finding my dream job.

5. My SMART goals

5.1. Specific

5.2. Measurable

5.3. Action-oriented

5.4. Realistic and achievable

5.5. Time-bound

5.6. My ambition

5.6.1. Are my goals right for me?

5.6.2. What are the easiest goals to achieve?

5.6.3. Which can I achieve comfortably?

5.6.4. What if I really stretch myself?

5.7. My values

5.7.1. Are my goals in line with my life goals?

5.7.2. Are my goals in line with my values?

5.7.3. Are they what I really want?

5.7.4. Do they make me feel good?

6. Where I am

6.1. Life assessment

6.1.1. Key Relationships Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.2. Health and Fitness Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.3. Career and Work Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.4. Finances Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.5. Social life Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.6. Personal growth Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.7. Contribution Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.8. Recreation Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.9. Quality of life Score out of 10 Reason

6.1.10. Spirituality Score out of 10 Reason

6.2. Getting unstuck

6.2.1. Wellbeing review My key roles My successes in each role Lessons learnt in each role Values that I bring to each role My disappointments in each role My general wellbing Emotional Financial Physical Spiritual General lessons I have learnt My goals for each role My top three goals

6.2.2. What do I need to change? My limiting self-beliefs in each role My reasons for limiting myself in each role My three most limiting beliefs My three positive affirmations

6.3. Strategies for breakthough

6.3.1. Strategic vision

6.3.2. Tactical action

6.3.3. Quality of life

6.3.4. Leveraging

6.3.5. Strategic relationships

6.3.6. Learning and constant improvement

6.4. Tools for self-healing

6.4.1. Centring

6.4.2. Releasing trapped emotions

6.4.3. Owning your shadow

6.4.4. Connecting with your Inner Guide

6.4.5. Clarifying your Life Intention

6.4.6. Service to the Highest Good

6.4.7. Surrender to the Power of Unconditional Love

7. What I offer

7.1. Benefits

7.1.1. What difference do I make?

7.1.2. What are my employer's expectations?

7.1.3. How do I exceed those expectations?

7.2. Features

7.2.1. What are my key achievements?

7.3. To whom

7.3.1. Direct report

7.3.2. Department

7.3.3. Organisation

7.4. For what

7.4.1. My true value

7.4.2. Compensation

8. What I need

8.1. What do I really want?

8.2. What is the specific outcome?

8.3. What if I don't achieve it?