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Quantifiers by Mind Map: Quantifiers

1. Only with countable nouns.

2. Only with uncountable nouns.

3. Singular quantifiers.

4. Every year we go to acapulco, All the years we go to Acapulco.

4.1. All

4.1.1. Every

4.1.2. Each

5. (Particular with abstract nouns such as mancy, time).

5.1. A little

5.2. Not much

5.3. A bit of

6. I have a little time to solve the exam.

7. both, each, either, a few, fewer, neither and several.

7.1. I ve been to London several times

7.2. Colloquial forms.

7.2.1. A couple of

7.2.2. Hundreds of

7.2.3. Thousands of

8. Bath/Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

9. Members of groups

10. Either/Neither Singular.

11. Quantifier + Noun

11.1. few snakes are dangerous, But brothers are tall.

12. all, any, enough, less, a lot of, lots of, more, most, no, nane of and some.

13. Colloquial forms.

13.1. Plenty of

13.2. Tans of

14. Neither of the supermarkets was open.

15. I dont think either the sepermarkets was open.