Protecting Endangered Species

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Protecting Endangered Species by Mind Map: Protecting Endangered Species


1.1. Set areas where wildlife and environment have some form of protection controlled by government, and where human activity is limited


1.2.1. Restricts humans from fishing and hunting

1.2.2. Tourism gains money to the country

1.2.3. Teaches how conservation takes place

1.2.4. Animals are not moved from natural environment

1.2.5. Closer feel to wildlife than zoos


1.3.1. Threats are still so great some species have to be moved

1.3.2. Animals are restricted in specific area (cannot migrate)

2. ZOO

2.1. Has a variety of functions in addition to providing enjoyment and interest for visitors who can study animals they would not be able to see otherwise


2.2.1. Protected, properly feed and given veterinary attention

2.2.2. Provide protection for endangered species and captive breed so that in the long term they could reintroduce them to their natural habitat

2.2.3. Maintain genetic diversity by breeding with different males

2.2.4. Research to better understand breeding habits, habitat requirements and ways to increase genetic diversity


2.3.1. Not all conservation attempts are a success

2.3.2. Animals can refuse to breed in captivity

2.3.3. Sometimes not possible to create suitable habitats

2.3.4. Difficult for animals to adapt to wildlife as they were used to being cared for

2.3.5. Does not have the skills required to survive Avoid predators Find food Rear their own