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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. What is energy?

1.1. Energy can only be produce by itself. Energy can only be destroyed by energy itself.

1.2. Energy cannot be produced or destroyed by anything else on earth but, humans can change the form of energy.

2. Types of energy part 1

2.1. Kinetic energy

2.1.1. FORMULA KE = 1/2 x Mass x Velocity to the power of 2

2.2. Explanation

2.3. Kinetic energy depends on potential energy to be produced.

2.4. Kinetic energy of a object needs velocity and mass, for example if an object is to heavy the velocity won’t be as quick as a lighter object.

2.5. The more kinetic energy there is the less potential energy there will be.

2.6. Mechanical energy

2.6.1. Mechanical energy = kinetic energy+Potential energy

2.7. Potential energy

2.8. Explanation

2.9. Potential energy can be transferred, for example when a ball falls from a table, the gravitational potential energy in the ball is transferred into KE, so it can move.

2.10. Potential energy is the energy waiting to be used or in better words... Potential energy is the energy inside an object that is stored until used,

2.11. Gravitational potential energy

2.11.1. Formula

2.11.2. GPE = mass x gravitational accelaration x height

3. Every day uses

3.1. Electrical and Thermal

3.2. Nuclear and chemical

4. Types of energy part 2

4.1. Thermal

4.2. When water is put into an electric kettle, electric energy is transformed into thermal energy, because the water that was room temperature before is now hot water.

4.3. Electrical

4.3.1. Also known as electricity, electrical energy is the type of energy that influences on the change of other forms of energy, electrical energy can transform thermal into electrical, chemical, nuclear and many others.

4.3.2. Sources Mainly fossils. Fossils are prehistorical plants and plants contain nuclear energy.

4.4. When sun strikes hit solar panels, thermal energy turns into electrical energy.

4.5. Chemical

4.5.1. Chemical energy is when an object that has energy stored inside has a permanent change (chemical change). Like a battery, it has energy inside but when you use it the energy will be absorbed and the battery can burn.

4.5.2. Sources The sources are pretty easy to find, There's Coal, Wood, Photosynthesis,

4.6. Nuclear

4.7. Electromagnetic

4.8. Elastic potential energy