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PTSD by Mind Map: PTSD

1. Avoidance

1.1. repression

1.1.1. isolation self hate forgetfulness

2. Resistance

2.1. for help

2.1.1. reliving the experience defense mechanism

3. Imaginatary

3.1. Delusions

3.1.1. Phobia role playing

4. Suffering

4.1. isolation

4.1.1. alone New node

5. Self Concept

5.1. Negative

5.1.1. Shame Helplessness

6. How Does PTSD affect Parenting?

6.1. Who What Where why when and how

6.2. Whats the difference between a single parent and dual parent?

6.3. Is there a difference between a survivor divorce and a stay together family on the child?

7. Do PTSD circumstances change the outcome of their parenting?

8. Does the symptoms of PTSD create a negative impact of a child?

8.1. Can it be curved or reversed?

8.1.1. What if the survivor doesn't get help? Will the child develop low self esteem?

9. Are children of survivors less socialable, withdrawn, or angry?

9.1. Does it affect the social, education, and personal performance?

10. Do children take the role of protector of the survivor parent?

11. Will the child of the survivor need coping skills?

11.1. Are PTSD symptoms overwhelming?

11.1.1. Will the child learn avoidance?

12. New node