Power of Neuroplasticity - Shad Helmstetter Big Ideas

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Power of Neuroplasticity - Shad Helmstetter Big Ideas by Mind Map: Power of Neuroplasticity - Shad Helmstetter Big Ideas

1. Intro

1.1. Our Brain is

1.1.1. Plastic Malleable

1.1.2. Growing new neurons all the time

1.1.3. Changing every moment

1.2. The Real Key

1.2.1. Changes in your thoughts leads to changes in brain structure Hence your thoughts are creating you

2. Why is it important

2.1. Right now - you are creating who you will be tomorrow

2.2. Our job

2.2.1. To constantly program the right thoughts and feelings into our brains

2.3. Neural Pathways

2.3.1. Thoughts that are repeated the most create Neural Pathways

3. Science behind it

3.1. Neuroscientist Pascual-Leone Piano Study at Harvard Medical School

3.1.1. The Brain: How The Brain Rewires Itself

3.1.2. 5 finger Piano Exercise 2 Groups 5 days Group 1 Group 2

3.1.3. Conclusion Just our thoughts are able to rewire the brain

4. How it works

4.1. Neural Activity Feedback Loop

4.1.1. Thoughts -> Rewire Brain Rewired Brain -> New Thoughts

4.1.2. Continuous, never ending feedback loop No matter what you think - the brain records it Over time the recorded programs become so strong that we believe them to be the truth

4.2. What you thought up till now is NOT the KEY to what you will become in the future.

4.2.1. The KEY is what you think from now on!

4.3. Repetition of thoughts/feelings is the KEY to creating new Neural Pathways

4.3.1. It does not matter if the thoughts are True or not They appear true to you

4.4. Your friends are wiring your neural networks - without you being aware

4.4.1. Brain will unconsciously duplicate the neural activity of the people you are around

4.4.2. "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"- Jim Rohn

4.5. Brain does not choose between....

4.5.1. Well intentioned, good thoughts and programs

4.5.2. Other random thoughts and programs coming at you from Other people Other sources

4.5.3. Whatever is repeated with Emotions

4.6. Pruning

4.6.1. The Brain will clear out pathways that are not being used anymore "Use it or lose it" is very real

5. How to make Neuroplasticity work for you - 3 Keys

5.1. 1. Mindfulness

5.1.1. Being aware of the thoughts that are programming you every single moment

5.1.2. Realize Every thought is being recorded Every choice is changing the program

5.1.3. You can direct your brain to what you desire the most

5.1.4. Learn mindfulness meditation to sharpen your mindfulness Download the audio at: Meditation Mini Course - Book summaries

5.2. 2. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

5.2.1. The most Important Rule The primary tool for neuroplasticity The principle tool for programming

5.2.2. Ultimate foundation of success of any kind Repetition, repetition, repetition

5.2.3. Every repetition Leads to another layer on that neural pathway

5.3. 3. Emotions and Feelings

5.3.1. You will create neural pathways for things that have the most feelings attached to them

5.3.2. Use positive memories or dreams if needed

5.3.3. More emotions you give -> More wiring you get

6. Using Self Talk or Affirmations

6.1. Primary source of neural pathways

6.1.1. Self talk

6.2. Key to changing self-talk

6.2.1. Repetition, repetition

6.3. 2 things to do

6.3.1. Consciously direct your self talk Monitor it Monitor what you are telling yourself every moment Mindfulness is really important Change it To what you know it needs to be for you to accomplish your goal

6.3.2. Listen to recorded self talk Design self talk Clearly worded In present tense Brain can see the outcome clearly