Canada in the 1930's

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Canada in the 1930's by Mind Map: Canada in the 1930's

1. What were the effects of the Great Depression on Canadians?

1.1. Increasing unemployment

1.2. Many people financially failed and had to live on relief from the government (Pogey)

1.3. People would "ride the rails"

2. How did minority groups fare during the Depression?

2.1. suffered even more

2.1.1. discrimination

2.2. immigrants were viewed with hostility when they compete for the few job opportunities still left

2.3. By 135, 28000 immigrants were deported from Canada

2.4. Many Chinese in Vancouver suffered because they did not qualify for relief.

2.5. antisemitism was big

2.6. Aboriginal people only get $5 relief per month, differ from normal people who get $19 to $60

3. How did the Depression affect women?

3.1. Women who had jobs were forced to retire and married women were fired.

3.2. Women were expected to get married and leave the labor force as soon as possible.

3.3. Even if they were lucky enough to keep a job, women only earned 60% of men's wage.

4. How did Canadian social programs evolve?

4.1. Prime Minister Bennett introduced the Unemployment Relief Act, gave the provinces 20 million dollars to spend for this act.

4.2. Relief Payments and Soup Kitchens were established.

4.3. Work Camps: provide jobs for 20 cents a day

4.4. Revised the Old Age Pension

4.5. Pogey: similar to today's welfare, gives out vouchers to exchange for food and other necessary supplies

5. How was Quebec nationalism expressed in the 1930?

5.1. Through the political party Union Nationale

5.2. Blamed many of Quebec's social and economic problems on the English minority in Quebec

6. What was the government's response to the Great Depression?

6.1. Did not support government intervention in the economy

7. What new political parties appeared in response to the Depression?

7.1. The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation

7.2. The social Credit

7.3. Union Nationale

8. What were the causes of the Great Depression in Canada?

8.1. Overproduction goods well beyond demand

8.2. Canadian economy, which dependent on exports, was particularly vulnerable

8.3. Tariffs caused a slowdown in world trade

8.3.1. US Protectionism

8.4. Debt from the WW1

8.5. Speculation and the stock market crash

9. How involved should the government be in the economy during a depression?

9.1. The government should be as invoked as possible, actively attempt to fix the economy. The economy doesn't just go away if you leave it and do nothing.

10. What were the effects of the Depression on the global community?

10.1. Germany suffered greatly because on top of the depression, they also needed to pay a $32 billion in reparations to other countries for WW1

10.2. Depression greatly effected the Japan Economy - adopted Keynesian Economics

10.3. Soviet Union's communist economic system insulated itself from the great depression that was going on at the time