Copyright for Teachers

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Copyright for Teachers by Mind Map: Copyright for Teachers

1. What is Creative Commons?

1.1. It is a non-profit that takes on the "some rights reserved" approach by creating a set of copyright licenses and tools so that people are allowed a certain amount of access to others work.

2. Standard Copyright

2.1. What is it?

2.1.1. It is when the original author of lyrics, art, choreography, audio recordings, etc. is legally protected. The authors have the right to compensation and determine who and how their work is distributed.

2.1.2. Fair Use is used to protect those who (re)use the work of the original creator. Remember this protects people that use portions of copyrighted work without permission!

3. Ways teachers stay updated about Fair Use and copyright laws!

3.1. Teachers can stay updated by putting the sites on their Pearltrees or using their RSS to receive updates.

3.2. Of course communication is important. Teachers need to talk to each other and know what is going on.

3.3. Ask students about questions they have regarding the laws and conduct search for the answer. This will keep the teacher and student current.

4. What Fair Use, Copyright and CC have in common!

4.1. They all want to protect people from producing illegal work but allow creativity to prosper.

5. Fair Use

5.1. Allows individuals the freedom to use part or some of the copyright materials that could be considered illegal by following 4 criteria factors

5.1.1. The Four Factors 1. What was the purpose and how was the work used 2. Who was the copyrighted work for? 3. the amount and withstand of the portion of work someone is using 4. how effect the original work was on the market

5.2. Teachers can use Fair Use to protect their work. For instance, a teacher can take short clips of lines from singers songs to create a poem or they can put all the lines together and create a new song.

5.3. Importance

5.3.1. This is important because teachers need to know what to teach their students about the importance of copyright and understand the serious consequences that can come from illegal materials.