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Justin Ferrell by Mind Map: Justin Ferrell
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Justin Ferrell

Andrea Kessler

Betty Booth 1935- WV

Foster Booth

Jewell Farley

Paul E Kessler 1926-2008 B: Chapmanville, WV D: Man, WV

John W. Lewis Kessler 1861-1930 B: Virginia, USA D: Man, WV, Lewis Benjamin Kessler 1834-1900 Virginia, USA, William Bower Kessler 1814-1875 Botetourt, VA, Jacob Kessler 1790-1877, Jacob B. Kessler 1756-1820 B: Philidelphia D: Botetourt, VA, Johannes Kessler 1728-1823 B: Gro├čenhausen, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hesse, Germany D: Botetourt, VA, Eva Dorothea Lehman 1734-1798 B: Montgomery, Pennsylvania D: Botetourt, VA, John Christian Lehman 1699-1748 B: Speyerdorf, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany D: Pennsylvania, USA, Anna Maria Margaritha 1699-1743 B: Pennsylvania D: Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Shearer 1769-1844 B: Maryland D: Botetourt, Heinrich Shearer 1738-1781 Pennsylvania, Catharina D. Heller 1742-1795 Pennsylvania, Catherine Bower 1794-1819, Christopher Bower 1767- Roanoke, Elizabeth Coplen 1770-, Malinda Black 1812-1878 Botetourt, VA, Kathrine Ann Good 1833- Virginia, USA

Agnas Ashley 1886-1965 WV, Americus Ashley 1858-1903 WV, Lewis J. Ashley 1828-1898 Kanahwa/Braxton, John Richard "Dick" Ashley 1792-1845 Surry, NC Kanahwa, John Wiley Ashley 1774-1865 NC/VA, Joseph Alley 1755-1824 NC/WV, Hannah Pace 1750-1830 Ashe, NC, Mary Alford 1779-1855 Amherst/Nicholas, William Alford 1735- Stokes, NC, Mary Warren 1715-1779 Pennsylvania Virginia, Mary Ann "Polly" Young 1802-1850 VA, Capt. John Young 1760-1850 Pennsylvania WV, Conrad Young 1736-1799 Pennsylvania, Anna M. Franciscus 1730-1762 Breitenborn, Mittweida, Sachsen, Germany Pennsylvania, Keziah Mary Tackett 1767-1857 Pennsylvania Kanahwa, Lewis Albert Tacket III 1730-1830 VA, Caroline Geary 1828-1919 Kanahwa, Matthew Geary 1790-1865 Ireland WV, William Geary Ireland, Isabella Ireland, Elizabeth Almira Ashley 1802-1894 VA WV, John Wiley Ashley 1774-1860 NC/WV, Joseph Ashley 1755-1824 NC/WV, Mrs. Joseph Ashley (UNK) 1750-1781, Mary Alford 1779-1850 NC/WV, Mary Warren 1715-1751 VA, William Alford 1735-1825 GA/Va, Martha Young 1862-1924 WV